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Welcome to the Poole & District Fisherman's Association (PDFA) Members' Website

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The Poole & District Fisherman's Association (PDFA) exists to present and represent the interests of fisherman within the Poole District. The objectives of the PDFA are:

The purpose of the PDFA site is to ensure that members are able to easily keep in touch with the committee its running of the PDFA and each other. It also enables the committee to post notices to and inform members of the PDFA as to matters that may be of interest.

The PDFA uses this site to hold copies of official and formal records relating to the running of the PDFA, therefore access to most of this site is restricted to members only.

Additionally PDFA site enables non-members and organisations to contact the associations officers, apply for membership and request use of the PDFA slipway facilities.

The PDFA works in close co-operation with the following organizations to promote protect and conserve the environment within and around Poole Harbour:

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